Body Contouring: Getting Rid of the Loose Skin After Weight Loss

Body Contouring: Getting Rid of the Loose Skin After Weight Loss

People are opting for healthier lifestyles. People all over the world are fighting obesity and trying to shed the extra pounds they have gained over the years. After a lot of hard work and dedication people manage to get rid of the extra weight.

But unfortunately some people retain the excess skin and find it very traumatizing. They are embarrassed to show their hard work because of loose skin. Not does the loose skin affect the confidence of these people it also interferes with their daily routine. They are unable to exercise properly and often end up having a bad posture. It is difficult to manage life with loose skin. Skin rash and infection is also very common.

Luckily there is a solution for these problems. Body contouring techniques will help these people get rid of the excess skin and achieve a more natural looking body.

Body contouring involves surgeries that reduce the extra skin. People who opted for healthier lives and more fit bodies can benefit from this surgery. Weight loss surgeries can also help people fight diseases that can haunt obese people due to them being overweight.

The Common Areas for Skin Reduction

There are some common areas where having loose skin is common. After people have lost weight or pregnancy the trouble areas are as follows:

  • The belly or the abdomen is the most common region people have loose skin
  • The breast area is also usually affected
  • Upper back and lower back areas including buttocks are the common trouble areas where droopy loose skin needs to be removed
  • The area under the biceps or the upper arm is another area with loose skin
  • Thighs also often end up with loose hanging skin

Surgery should only be done by trained professional who will also analyze the possible complications or potential risk. The need for surgery is often after the person has lost drastic weight.

People tend to lose substantial weight very quickly through one of these methods:

  • Weight loss surgery like gastric sleeves
  • Gastric bypass is another weight loss technique
  • Extreme and dedicated lifestyle changes

The doctors after the person has lost weight and complain about loose skin are told to wait a few months until their weights become stable and they still have the loose skin or they have problems that hinder in their day to day life, the doctors would recommend surgery.

The Bottom Line

If you feel that your hard work losing weight has been sabotaged by loose skin or you are facing skin rash and infection. Or you believe that loose skin is taking a toll on your confidence you should opt for body contouring surgeries.

Getting these surgeries from highly qualified and medically trained plastic surgeon should be the only option. Highly qualified and well reputed doctors at Holzapfel & Lied Plastic Surgery will help you achieve the body you always dreamed of and worked for.

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