What is a lip lift?

What you need to know about lip lifts.

Did you know that as we age the skin above our lips elongates and causes the upper lip to appear thin. Additionally, the corners of the mouth begin to pull downward. Surgical lip lifts are great, minimally invasive procedures that can be performed to restore a youthful position of the upper lip and corners of the mouth. A lip lift requires minimal down time but can have big results!


Subnasal Lip Lift

During a subnasal lip lift, an incision is made just below the nose. Some of the skin above the upper lip is removed and the cupid’s bow is elevated creating a fuller and more youthful upper lip.

Surgical results of a sub nasal lip lift at 1 month post-procedure.

Corner Mouth Lift

A corner mouth lift is used to treat a downturned smile. Incisions are made just above the lip and the corners of the mouth are elevated.

Results of a corner lip lift

Lip lifts are most commonly performed awake with local or oral anesthesia medications. The procedure takes about one hour and the recovery is usually one week.

A lip lift is minimally invasive and leads to natural results. It is a great procedure if you are considering plastic surgery but are worried about long recovery times or dramatic changes to your appearance. Learn what else you should know when considering plastic surgery in this article featuring Dr. Allison Lied. 

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