2 Most Effective Nonsurgical Facelift Procedures

Our skin goes through may changes as we grow older and at one point starts to sag. This sagged skin makes one self-conscious about their appearance as no one likes to see themselves in the mirror, looking anything less than perfect. To allow people to refresh their skin and remove old age facial characteristics such as wrinkles, there are many nonsurgical treatments practiced. Two of the most common and effective ones are discussed below:

  1. Botox
    Botox is the most common of all nonsurgical facelift procedures. It is also called Dysport or Xeomin but is popularly known as Botox. Botox is basically a neuro-modulator substance that is injected into the muscles causing them to relax. The relaxed muscles will become unable to contract thus removing their capacity to create wrinkles. There have been more than 6 million Botox procedures performed in the United States over the last 3 years, making it the most performed nonsurgical facelift procedure in the countryBotox injections are known to efficiently treat the fine lines and wrinkles found near the eyes as crow feet. Wrinkles are also found in the upper face region, between the eyebrows and also along the forehead. Besides facial wrinkles, Botox are also deemed as the best solution to sagging neck muscles, which means that if you feel your neck is getting baggy, then you can tighten it through this treatment.

    On an average, the results of a Botox treatment can be seen within a week of the procedure and can last for up to four months. The short lifetime of this nonsurgical facelift procedure could be problem for people looking for a long-term solution.

    To maintain the results, one needs to go for the procedure at least thrice a year to cement the newly re-energized skin. The biggest advantage of a Botox treatment is that it has no severe side effects. But can cause temporary skin redness and swelling during the treatment. However, these aren’t to be worried about and usually disappear within hours of the treatment.

  2. Dermal Fillers
    People nearing their fifty's tend to lose a lot of facial volume which creates sagging skin. Dermal fillers are a commonly used nonsurgical facelift procedure that restores the volume within a few minutes. This immediate result makes fillers a favorite option, but doctors advise that to maintain their results, a person must get new filler injected every 6 months.

    Dermal fillers basically fill the lines and spaces in your skin and plump them up to enhance the overall volume. They are mostly used for the lower face region and focus mainly on the area between the nose and mouth, lops and lines running towards the neck. If needed, fillers can also be injected near the eyes and on the forehead to smoothen the skin. Fillers are also the safest nonsurgical facelift procedure with zero reported side effects.

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