About the Procedure

Men and women who have loose, sagging skin in the inner and/or outer thigh regions may consider a thigh lift.  Liposuction can be performed to improve the appearance of the areas adjacent to the skin reduction.  A thigh lift tightens and lifts the upper leg skin as well as improves the contour of the area.  For an inner thigh lift, an incision is made in the groin area towards the buttocks, and in severe cases down the inner thigh. For an outer thigh lift, the incision is made over the hips and buttocks. Excess skin is removed, followed by repair of the deeper tissue. Occasionally, drains are used to help prevent buildup of fluid in the thigh area. Dressings and an elastic pressure garment complete the procedure.

A thigh lift is performed using general or epidural anesthesia, and an overnight stay is generally recommended. Recovery for a thigh lift is usually 7 - 10 days at home. Exercise can be resumed after 6 weeks.