About the Procedure

Women with small, sagging breasts are the best candidates for a lift. A lift can be done on breasts of any size, however, the results may not last as long.

Pregnancy and nursing are the culprits of sagging breast. The volume of the breasts has decreased from the stretching of the skin caused by weight gain and loss. Women considering a breast lift ideally should be finished with childbearing as another pregnancy would counteract the results of the procedure.

Incisions are made following the natural contour across the breast and around the areola. The underlying tissue, nipple, and areola are lifted to a higher position. The skin that used to be above the nipple is brought down and is used to reshape the breast.

The breasts are then placed in a surgical bra. The patient may experience a loss of sensation in the breasts as well as the nipples. This is usually a temporary condition and will improve over time.

While the patient will feel well enough to be up and around in a couple days, most patients stay at home for 4-5 days. After two weeks, the surgical bra may be replaced w/a soft cup bra. The sutures used will dissolve.

Although the scars are permanent, the surgeon will strive to make them as inconspicuous as possible. After a breast lift, the breasts look younger and rejuvenated.

Many women are bothered by their big breasts making them look top-heavy and sometimes even overweight or disproportional. Many women suffer from backache and have poor posture due to large, heavy breasts. Women with large breasts often complain of shoulder, neck, and back pain as well as difficulty exercising and finding clothes or bras to fit.

A breast reduction procedure reduces the size of the breasts by removing excess skin and underlying tissue. It raises or lifts the breasts. Often times the areola can be made smaller as well. Breast reduction is permanent; however, weight gain or pregnancy can alter this procedure.

Incisions are made horizontally and vertically following the natural contour of the breast. Excessive tissue, fat, and skin are removed and the breast is moved to a higher position.

Skin on both sides of the breast is now brought together forming a firmer, shapelier breast. Underwire bras are avoided for 8 weeks.

Since the incisions for the reduction were made around and below the breast, they are inconspicuous and will fade over time.