What You Need to Know About Medium & Deep Chemical Peels

When it comes to treating spots, marks, and scars on the face, chemical peels are usually the first course of action. Medium chemical peels are used to treat brown spots, uneven pigmentation, mild wrinkles, and mild acne scars with a healing time of less than a week. Medium peels can also be repeated to get even better results.

Sometimes, however, more severe wrinkles and acne scars need to be treated with a deeper chemical peel known as a Hetter Peel. At Mangat-Holzapfel-Lied, we find that these deeper peels produce more effective results than laser peels while also taking less time to heal. Once this procedure is completed, the individual will not have to repeat it.

For deep skin resurfacing, the Hetter Peel is our go-to procedure. This peel is often used on patients who have sever sun damage, rough facial wrinkles, or severe acne scars with the results including smoother, tighter, younger-looking skin. It should be noted that skin type, color, and ethnicity are important factors when it comes to undergoing a chemical peel. All of this will be discussed in your first consultation.

Out of all the deep chemical peels, the Hetter Peel is our most used due to its efficiency, safety, precision, reduced side effects, and reduced recovery time. Because the ingredients used in the chemical peel are strictly enforced, there is no need to worry about permanent discoloration of the skin after the procedure. Take a look at our gallery to see our work with chemical peels.

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