What Makes it a “Mommy Makeover?”

While 2015 has seen more men seeking cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery treatments, it has also seen another plastic surgery trend. Many U.S. plastic surgeons are seeing the procedure known as the “mommy makeover” gain more and more popularity. A mommy makeover typically is done after a woman has had a baby. It not only varies from surgeon to surgeon, but it also differs depending on the woman receiving the procedure.

The mommy makeover is considered a procedure rather than a singular plastic surgery because it often consists of multiple surgeries. Though every mommy makeover differs from woman to woman, the surgeries that are commonly included are all incorporated because they’ve been designed to remedy and help correct the specific changes a woman’s body goes through during pregnancy. Frequently, plastic surgeons include a tummy tuck and a form of breast enhancement during the makeover. Sometimes, liposuction is called for.

In a tummy tuck, excess fat deposits and skin are removed from both the lower and middle abdomen. As we know being a mom is a full-time, 'round-the-clock job, and moms can’t always eat the healthiest, a tummy tuck is usually an option when fat and loose skin on the stomach won’t budge despite diet and exercise. As stomach and abdominal muscles loosen during pregnancy, many women opt for this procedure to tighten the muscles in the abdominal wall.

Another portion of the mommy makeover procedure is a form of breast enhancement. We say “enhancement” because while some women choose a breast augmentation, others choose a breast lift. The main difference between these two plastic surgeries? While both surgeries are done to enhance the shape of the breast, a breast augmentation can correct the volume and size of breasts, and it can also reconstruct breasts after a breast-related surgery. A breast lift on the other hand, is a surgery that is conducted to reshape and rejuvenate the breasts after they have lost their shape, begun to sag, dropped, or even changed in size. Most often, women opt for one of these surgeries after having breastfed children.

Though not used in every mommy makeover, sometimes liposuction is included in such a plastic surgery procedure. Liposuction is similar to a tummy tuck, as it removes fat from the body. However this procedure removes fat deposits from other areas of the body that aren’t the stomach and abdomen. Opting to undergo liposuction should never be a replacement for diet and exercise, though.

While some may think undergoing a “mommy makeover” procedure or another form of plastic surgery is because an individual can’t handle the difficult route, we know that isn’t the case. Being a mom is a full-time job. While looking after your children is of the utmost importance, feeling — and looking — like you did pre-pregnancy is also beneficial to this (unpaid) job. Besides, the cosmetic surgery trend report and online community site of RealSelf reports that, of women surveyed, 98 percent feel happier overall after a mommy makeover surgery. And what’s better than being happy?

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