Tis the Season – The Best Time for Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery can be life-changing. It can boost your confidence and help you look and feel your best. For many people, it's their reward for a successful diet and exercise program or a return to pre-pregnancy form. It can also be a great way to reverse the signs of aging so that you look as young as you feel. But when is the best time of the year to get the surgery? Here are a few tips:

  • Mid-December through March - This is an ideal time for just about any kind cosmetic surgery. Break out the bulkier clothing to stay warm, but also to hide swelling and bruising. Turtlenecks, scarves, and hats hide the effects of a facelift, eyelid tuck, laser resurfacing, brow-lift and rhinoplasty. Bulky sweaters and trousers camouflage the changes due to breast augmentation, breast reduction, liposuction or tummy-tuck. After any of these procedures, rest and recovery is important. It’s also best to stay out of direct sunlight which is much easier to do in the winter. Plus, it’s easier to take time off work for recovery because many businesses are slower and several holidays occur throughout this timeframe.
  • April through June - This is another advantageous cosmetic surgery season. People decide they want to get ready for summer and all its activities – the beach and bathing suits, summer cookouts, weddings, and vacation. Plus, if you have a summer wedding of your own, you’ll want at least two months to recover from a surgical procedure. If it’s non-surgical (like Botox), a couple of weeks is all that’s needed.
  • July through August – Unless you want to use your summer vacation to recuperate, skip the surgery during this period. However, if the thought of spending extra time in air-conditioned comfort, avoiding the sun’s rays appeals to you, then go for it. But avoid the pool or spending prolonged amounts of time outside. The heat and sun can exacerbate swelling or even bleeding post-op. It’s also a bad time for laser resurfacing because treated areas must avoid the sun for at least six weeks. Plus, immature or new scars that tan will stay tan and be more noticeable.
  • September through early December – Procedures performed during this season allow for a full recovery before any upcoming holiday festivities.

No matter the season, please contact us to discuss your options and the right timing for you.

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