Plastic Surgery Etiquette – Don’t Ask, Let Them Tell

Although the popularity and awareness of plastic surgery is nothing new (and is only on the rise), a certain stigma still exists when someone has undergone a cosmetic procedure. Controversy over altering one's appearance by going under the knife is unlikely to fade for the foreseeable future, but we should all consider the proper etiquette regarding those who have noticeably received cosmetic surgery.

Mercury News, the Silicon Valley publication, consulted etiquette expert Mary M. Mitchell for their recent article on the "Five Don'ts After Someone Has Undergone Plastic Surgery":

  1. Don't ask. If you notice a friend, family member or co-worker who has undergone a plastic surgery procedure, it’s best to stick to this mantra – Don’t ask, let them tell. If he/she hasn’t mentioned it on their own, they’re likely feeling sensitive or a bit ashamed due to societal stigmas.
  2. If he/she does wish to talk about it, be sure not to criticize. Cosmetic surgery is a personal choice. If someone tells you he/she is considering plastic surgery, refrain from calling it a “crazy idea” as well as agreeing that they do, indeed, need the work done.
  3. Avoid judging the success of the procedure, and if they tell you about their treatment, simply ask how they feel about their results.
  4. Don't gossip.
  5. If you've undergone plastic surgery and you know you look noticeably different, consider making it "easier on those around you by opening the conversational door."

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Plastic Surgery Etiquette - Don't Ask, Let Them Tell
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