One Group has Higher Rates of Satisfaction in Breast Reconstruction Surgery

There are two main avenues for breast reconstruction surgery after a mastectomy - implants and utilizing a patient’s own tissues. While both types are highly successful, a study by surgeon Dr. Yassir Eltahir and colleagues at University Medical Center Groningen, the Netherlands, has found that women who have undergone reconstructive surgery using their own tissues have a higher rate of post-surgery satisfaction.

In the study, 92 women completed surveys after surgeries performed between 2006 and 2010. Nearly half of the women underwent alloplastic reconstruction (implants) and the remaining 47 had autologous reconstruction (natural tissue).

Autologous patients averaged a 75 on a 100-point scale of satisfaction, while the alloplastic patients averaged a 65.5.

Researchers note several differences between the two groups that may lead help lead to conclusions about the discrepancy:

  • Women who chose autologous surgery were older (51 years, on average, versus 44 years, on average for autoplastic)
  • Autologous reconstruction is typically delayed an average of 21 months; autoplastic surgery is performed immediately.
  • Women undergoing autoplastic surgery were often doing so as a preventative measure because of high genetic risk for breast cancer and were more likely to have both breasts removed.

The findings may suggest that women who undergo autoplastic surgery immediately have higher expectations than women who choose autologous surgery and therefore wait many months for surgery.

Despite the slightly higher satisfaction rate, the researchers do not feel that they found that one type of breast reconstructive surgery is best for all patients.

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