In 2015 Cosmetic Surgery Saw a Surge in Popularity

We all want to look our best and sometimes our valiant efforts with diet and exercise can only get us partway there. A lot of people decided to give plastic surgery a try in 2015: there were 12.8 million surgical and minimally invasive procedures performed in 2015, an increase of 20% over the year before, and nonsurgical procedures were even more popular with a 22% increase over 2014.

So, what was everyone having done? Here are the five most popular procedures for women from last year:

Type of procedure:

Number of procedures performed:



Breast augmentation


Tummy tuck


Breast lift


Eyelid surgery


And for men:



Nose surgery


Eyelid surgery


Breast reduction




Also on the rise, but too rare to be tracked in 2015, are buttock implants, which were performed 20,713 times in 2015.

Liposuction is clearly the most popular procedure for Americans, with nearly 400,000 surgeries performed last year. This represents and increase of 124% since 1997 when data was first collected.

Botox is also extremely popular, with 4.2 million procedures last year. Closely following are collagen and other fillers, chemical peels, laser hair removal and microdermabrasion.

Although men are increasingly turning to cosmetic surgery to look their best, women are still very much the drivers of the industry. More than 90% of procedures are performed on women and the rate that women choose plastic surgery has surged 538% since 1997.

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