Brest Lift Procedures and Various Scar Types

Because an incision is unavoidable with any type of breast lift procedure, some scar tissue will inevitably result. You do have the opportunity, however, to choose the shape and location of the scar. You should discuss this aspect of a breast lift procedure with your surgeon, who will be able to show you scars that have resulted in each type of procedure.

The three surgical procedures that would most likely be performed to accomplish a breast lift would result in one of these three scar types: Benelli scar, vertical scar, or Inverted T (AKA Wise pattern).

The Benellie pattern removes the least amount of skin, while the Inverted T (Wise pattern) removes the most. The Benelli scar is around the areola, the Vertical scar is visible in the middle underside of the breast, and the Inverted T is two scars, a vertical and a horizontal.

Despite the fact the the Inverted T is neither the smallest nor the most attractive, it is the most common. This type of scar also has a higher rate of complications (10%) over the other types (5%).

When you're ready to discuss your options for breast surgery, give us a call. We're always happy to discuss what you can expect from cosmetic surgery, including type, size and location of scar tissue. Set up an appointment today.

Breast Lift Procedures and Various Scar Types
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